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Home Inspection, should I get one?

Today, I would like to discuss with you the importance of getting a home inspection whether you are buying new construction or an existing property, and what you can expect to see on an inspection report.

On the inspection report, you can expect to find things checked such as the electrical, the kitchen appliances, bathrooms, roof, visual inspection basement and the exterior of the home, and much more.  Inspection reports today are anywhere from 30 to even 50 pages long depending on the property, and the square footage. Your home inspector is incredibly thorough and does his best to report everything he sees in a manner that is best presented to you so you understand the property and what is going on with it. Most reports will also include photos of the home so you can reference an image when reading the report.

I often get asked, “I’m buying a new construction. Should I get the house inspected?” I do recommend getting all properties inspected whether they are a new construction or resale property. I think it’s a great opportunity for a third party to walk through and just double-check everything with the property.  It also provides you a nice report that you can then have that gives you a little bit of background on your home, in addition to the documents that you will receive from the builder.  The home inspection report also provides a punch list of items that might not be done yet, so that way we’re all on the same page of what is still yet to be finished with the property.

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