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Selling your home in and around Manhattan, Kansas can be a big and difficult decision. After all, when you have owned a home for any length of time you inevitably become attached to it. However sometimes you need to sell out of necessity, while sometimes you may be selling and say downsizing for instance, just for a change of pace.

Whatever your reason for selling, I am sure you won’t have escaped the negative press in the media about the real estate market for home sellers being just awful. However, I will tell you that selling a home, even in a sellers market can be tough if the right plans aren’t made and the right marketing strategy isn’t undertaken.

So if you are a home seller in Manhattan, Kansas then what should you do?

1. Hire an agent: Don’t go it alone and be a “FSBO” – “For Sale By Owner” when you do this, you don’t get the professional experience that you need. These days the real estate market is always changing and as such details and procedures are always evolving and you as a seller need to be in tune with the latest developments that are occurring in the marketplace. Only by hiring a REALTOR® who understands the local market do you get the best assistance tailored to you and your needs. As yourself this question: Do you want to get your home sold? If the answer is yes, then give me, Tara Claycamp a call today!

2. Set a price for your home: The pricing of a property is a delicate balance between getting the most money for a home to benefit the seller, while being priced competitively enough to generate interest with potential buyers. Of course price isn’t everything, but it matters a lot in both a good and bad market. As you will have hired an agent, they will be able to advise you on an appropriate listing price for your home based on what is called a Comparative Market Analysis report. This “CMA” is one of the best methods for homeowners to know their property’s current value based on an analysis of your local market thanks to homes sold in and around your neighborhood that are similar to yours in the last few months. Based on this data your agent will be able to give you a probably listing price for your home.

3. The Listing Agreement: This document sets out the terms of the listing of your home for sale on the market. It might cover such things as what personal items are included in the sale of the home as well as the compensation to the real estate broker. This is the document that gives your agent permission to put your home up for sale on your behalf. The agent will also go over how they will market your home, in my case I am a big fan of social media and use that as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

4. Showing your home: This is the time that some sellers enjoy, while others hate. Having strangers traipse around their home! However this is your chance to make an impression with your home. Make sure that you have your home “Show Ready”. Meaning that your home should be clean, free of clutter and personal items and the furniture staged in a way that allows potential buyers to see your homes full potential. As your agent for more advise on this. If you are really struggling, they might recommend the services of a professional home stager to get you going! One thing that you can do is make sure that your home is in good repair and you have got around to completing all those odd jobs that you have been putting off!

5. Offers & Appraisal: When a potential buyer loves your home, they will likely make an offer on it! Now it is time for your agent to work on helping you negotiate with the buyer to ensure that you get a fair price for your home. If you don’t like a buyer’s offer then you can reject it or make changes and send it back to the buyer. Once agreed, buyers will likely order their home inspection immediately as sales contracts are typically contingent on inspection, giving buyers the opportunity to renegotiate if there are any surprises. Then the Appraisal is scheduled, this report is commissioned generally by the buyers lender with the purpose of valuing your property for mortgage purposes based on recent sales of like homes in your immediate area.

6. Closing: Once all the paperwork is done and the buyer and their lender has sent funds and a final walk through of your property has been carried out then closing of the transaction can take place. Often the journey ends with all parties meeting at a Title Company or Attorneys office to sign all paperwork including the deed, closing papers, and loan papers. The closing representative will explain all documents and then have you sign each item. and have copies sent off to be recorded in the official records of the local county.

Remember that all real estate markets are local and that by using an agent familiar with your local market here in Manhattan, Kansas you are getting someone who knows your neighborhood inside out.

Contact me for professional real estate and relocation advice for those selling a home in Manhattan, Kansas and the surrounding area.