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Welcome to Fort Riley, Kansas

Coming from a background with family members in the service I am used to the stresses and strains that come with a military relocation.

Each year thousands of US military personnel are transferred to different locations within the US and around the world, this creates a moving season as the services often move persons at the same times of year.

So if you have received your Permanent Change of Station orders (your PCS) to Fort Riley you should make sure that you get both yourself and your loved ones ready for the move.

If you are new to the service and are not sure what a PCS, then let me explain it! A Permanent Change of Station (PCS for short) includes a move from your first post of active duty, a move from one permanent post to another as well as your last post to home or nearer in the United States.

Fort Riley is “Home of America’s Army” and is located in northeastern Kansas around an hour west of the state capital Topeka and a couple of hours from Kansas City. It just next to Manhattan, Kansas. Those who relocate to Fort Riley often comment about how beautiful and peaceful the base and the surrounding area is, making it a great relocation for many.

There are great facilities for those living on Fort Riley, like great Health care that is provided by the 48-bed Irwin Army Hospital as well as wonderful leisure amenities like the outdoor recreation center and indoor gyms, pools, basketball and sports fields. It is a fantastic place to call home.

So, what is the first step in the PCS process?

1. Have a meeting with your base transportation office. Depending on what branch of the military and your department the name of this office can vary. If you are in the Army then they are called the Installation Transportation Office, the Air Force they are called the Traffic Management Office or the Navy and Marine’s the Personal Property Shipping Office.

2. There will be a family center on base at your new location, make contact with them as they can give you information about your new base. In addition to this step, get in touch with me for information on Manhattan, Kansas and the rest of the community surrounding Fort Riley.

3. Contact your housing office if you are living in government quarters and notify them of your estimated relocation date. Also stop by the finance office to check finance options to help pay for the move.

Don’t forget that you can also deduct moving expenses on your US Tax Return with Form 3903!

I know that move can be stressful, but with organization and the right assistance, moving can be a breeze!

Contact me, Tara Claycamp for professional real estate and relocation advice for those buying and selling a home in Manhattan, Kansas and those military personnel looking for guidance during their move to Fort Riley, KS.