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Are you a buyer looking to purchase a home in and around Manhattan Kansas? Well then you have stopped by the right place!

We all know that it can be tough purchasing a home, there can be lots of tears and stress as emotions run high. However it doesn’t have to be that way! I am an experienced REALTORĀ® in the local and regional Real Estate market in and around Manhattan & Northeastern Kansas and can help you find your perfect home in the area.

Of course buying a new home in Manhattan isn’t easy and there are many decisions that need to be made, however by having the right professional help along the way you will find the whole process much smoother.

So, what is the first step for you if you are a buyer?

1. The Decision to Buy: Have you decided that you definitely want to purchase a home right now? Manhattan is a great relocation destination for so many and right now there are some great homes for sale at some great prices. Couple this with the fantastic affordability due to historically low mortgage rates then you have a recipe for success.

2. Contact me, your Manhattan, Kansas REALTORĀ®: Working with an agent versus going it alone is so important! You need to work with someone you are comfortable with who understands your wants and needs. You need an agent who understands the local real estate market in Manhattan, someone who loves the area and is passionate about it, who can guide you to make the right choice for you. Contact me, Tara Claycamp today!

3. Money: The financing of a home is important and as such should be tackled head on! Many people leave this step until later in the process, but I believe that a smooth transaction is down to being organized and having financing already arranged. There are so many different lenders and financing options available on the market – more than many people thinks – that it behooves you to instruct a mortgage professional who can help you navigate them to find the best product for you.

4. The Property Search: Now it is time for the exciting stuff! Many people love looking at properties, it can be a real joy for many looking at potential new homes. But for some it can be a bore. The key here is to maximize your effort before you even step out the front door to visit a home. Sit down and make a list of your wants and needs from a new property. Ask yourself questions like “How close does it need to be from work?” or “How large a lot do I need?” “How many bedrooms do I need?” or even those as simple as “House or Condo?” “Historic property or new build?” and find out what you are looking for. By identifying these wants and needs before leaving home you can eliminate a large number of what you thought might be potential properties and only focus on the short list left. Talk to your agent for assistance with this step.

5. Securing your dream home and successfully negotiating the purchase: Once you have found your dream home, it is time to buy it! This involves careful negotiation by someone skilled in the home buying process. This is when using a REALTORĀ® comes into its own. I will be able to negotiate on your behalf to make sure you secure your chosen property at the right price and with correct contingencies in your contract like time to close, home inspection particulars etc. Call me to get a more in-depth explanation on what you can expect from your transaction.

6. Close: Once the paperwork is complete and the funds are in place everything is signed and checked and sent for recording in the official records. You are now the proud owner of a beautiful home in Manhattan, Kansas!

As you can see the process can be easy!

Contact me, Tara Claycamp for professional real estate and relocation advice for those buying a home in Manhattan, Kansas and the surrounding area. Search for listings by clicking on the link above.